The Gutter

The Gutter

Other name: 叹息桥 , Tan Xi Qiao , 歎息橋


A story that revolves around the complicated relationship between four people who share a past 20 years ago in Belgium. Due to poverty, Thomas (Bowie Lam) had to work a lot when he was young in order to earn money for his mother's medical expenses. He met Sammy (Catherine Chau) while they were working at a cha chaan teng. After his mother died, Thomas partnered up with Sammy to open a restaurant and business was good. One day, Thomas was reunited with Joyce (Michelle Wai) whom he met in Belgium and easily hit it off. At the same time, Joyce has been dating Hu Qiyuan (Hanjin Tan) for 8 years.

Country: Hong Kong

Status: Completed

Released: 2020

Genre: Drama; Mystery;

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