Naraka 19 (2007)

Naraka 19 (2007)

Other name: 第十九层空间 地獄第19層 地狱第19层 Dei Yuk Dai Sup Gau Tsang นรกขุม 19 เกมสั่งตาย La 19e Porte de l'enfer


When Rain, a beautiful university year 4 student receives an SMS on her mobile phone - "Do you know what the 19th Gate of hell is?", the nightmare begins for her. It is not too long before she realizes that she is unwittingly trapped in a terrifying mobile phone game from hell and this game is larger than life, because if you lose, you die! As the same cryptic SMS message goes out to other students on campus, Rain is extremely frightened to see the game players, including Rain's best friends, becoming "Game over!" at different stages of the game. To survive, Rain tries her best to reach the final stage - the 19th Gate of hell, but she can never expect that the ending of the game is to fall in love with the devil inevitably.

Country: Hong Kong

Status: Completed

Released: 2007

Genre: Horror; Thriller;

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