Lady Fan (2004)

Lady Fan (2004)


The story is set during a time where the Tang Dynasty was at war. Lei Fa is the daughter of a respected Sai Leung general. Her mother died when she was young, so she has been raised by her father and brothers and developed a forthright, outspoken personality as a result.[1] Her martial arts master, the Holy Mother of Lei Mountain, tells her that she is destined to marry a Tang citizen and their marriage will unite the two kingdoms and bring about a time of peace and harmony. Unfortunately for her, her destined husband turns out to be Sit Ding San. His father is Sit Yan Kwai, a renowned and loyal general of the Tang Dynasty. The Sit family is very prejudiced against Sai Leung citizens, as they have long been at war against each other. The show follows Lei Fa as she wins Ding San's love, his family's affections and the respect and loyalty of the Tang troops.

Country: Hong Kong

Status: Completed

Released: 2004

Genre: Fantasy;

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