Westgate Tango

Westgate Tango


Heartbroken Jin believes he will never fall in love again. Ending up in Ximending (the cultural-fashion hub of Taipei) after wandering for 12 years, Jin meets the happy go lucky MoƩ, who resuscitates his heart. At the same time, Jin becomes an apprentice to a fortuneteller named Oracle, who is the nexus of a list of quirky characters who reside in Ximending. They include Mommy, the Queen of this district; Ace, a young punk about town and Aniki, a tattoo artist and a self-proclaimed Japanese gangster. Seemingly mismatched, these eclectic individual's paths intertwine, inexplicably affecting one another and in turn, the pulse of today's Taipei.

Country: Taiwanese

Status: Completed

Released: 2012

Genre: Drama;

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